The Wharfman Beanie, ROSE

Paper Planes

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Established in 2008, Paper Planes is designed by the Head of Lifestyle at Roc Nation, Emory Jones. The streetwear brand combines street fashion, music, and design into one and is known for providing its signature headwear and t-shirts. The brand is easily recognized by its signature black and white paper plane logo made out of a black and white American flag. Their signature logo represents imagination and the thought of mentally getting somewhere before physically getting there. In 2018, Jay-Z filed for a trademark for Paper Planes and has since been turned into a full-fledged stand-alone brand.

This Paper Planes Wharfman Beanie Will Keep You Cozy And Comfortable With Its Stretch Poly Yarn Ribbing. Whether You're On A Boat, On The Boardwalk, Or On The Street, Have A Couple Of These Around To Top Off Your Look With A Fresh Pop Of Color.

  • Ribbed style
  • Stretch polyester yarn
  • Black and white paper plane pin at front
  • Silicone planes label at the center back