Men's Clean Jersey SS Beauty Colours Wormark


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PURPLE was founded in 2017 at the intersection of industrial design, streetwear and luxury fashion. A collective of friends and industry veterans sought out to launch a collection of men’s denim and luxury basics. They set out to solve a personal problem: men’s denim at the contemporary price point is simultaneously too simple and too complicated. Innovation shouldn’t be limited to designer denim. So they spent several years traveling the world to find the right production partners that allow them to create an accessible product with top-quality hardware, designer fits and innovative details.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Purple lettering graphic

All special coating, abrasions, and repairing are finished by hand from PURPLE's experienced technicians. Each item will vary in colour and look making every handcrafted garments unique. This attention  to detail ensures that your garment will wear naturally over time.